Why and When to Sell Your House to a Cash Home Buyer

Has the maintenance of your additional property become a burden – financially and otherwise – for you? Are you frustrated with frequent repairs and remodeling that requires a huge amount of money? Well, you may even plan to sell the house in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC and have some peace of mind. No doubt selling your house and investing the money from the proceeds elsewhere is a better option, but how to sell your house fast before the house deteriorates further and requires additional investments.

If you contact a traditional Realtor with your request ‘sell my house’, you will have to wait for a minimum of 6 – 12 months, so they can find a buyer who can make an offer on your house. Real estate companies are not the actual buyers; they are intermediaries who help you find a buyer.

Realtors that help you find a buyer will suggest that you fix the functional, structural, and regulatory issues the house faces. You will have to fix the leakages, paint, clean so the house is in a ready-to-occupy position for the prospective buyer. Once everything is in place, the real estate agents will initiate the process by listing your house on their website to lure buyers. However, the entire process of repairs, renovations and listing is lengthy and tiresome, it may take a minimum of 6 months and in certain cases, it may even take years to complete the sale process depending on the area and surroundings. Unfortunately, as a homeowner looking to sell house fast, this may not be the ideal option for you. Additionally, it also requires that you invest time, efforts and money on repairs so the Realtor can kick start the sale process.

In addition, traditional real estate agents charge commissions of about 6% on the sale of the house, which means that you not only have to spend on repairs, renovations, and wait for months, but also have to part with 6% of the money you make on the sale of the house. All these issues, make approaching a Realtor seeing help to sell house fast is not a lucrative idea.

Sell Your House to a Cash Home Buyer

The cash home buyers in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC are professional real estate investors who with huge cash reserves at their disposal and buys houses As Is in bulk. And, with the help of a wide professional network of home remodelers; they give these houses a complete makeover. With complete understanding of the industry, these cash homebuyers have put up an easy and hassle-free process that offers many advantages over the lengthy, costly process of the Realtors.

As homebuyers buy houses in bulk, they offer contracts to home repairing experts and therefore, get good discounts on the repair charges. As a homeowner when you approach home remodelers for repairs on your single individual house, you will have to pay twice as much money as homebuyers would pay.

With no repairs or renovations required on your home in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, and homebuyers making an offer ‘sell your house As Is’, the sale process is quite fast. The homebuyers will make a formal visit, go through the documents of the house, and if everything is in place, they may make an offer within 10 minutes, and to speed up the process they may make an offer over the phone, as well!

Contact a homebuyer who works out of professional office environment and not out of a garage or basement. These home buyers with over 10 years of experience and successful purchase of more than 1000 houses would have the professional attitude and the resources to make a cash for house offer.

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