Four Reasons You Should Sell Your House As-Is

Now, getting down to the nitty-gritties, selling your house using traditional methods involves finding a Realtor and renovating a house. But, why use traditional methods anymore? The new and improved route to sell house As Is that most people use is cash house buyers.

Why House Buyers?

House buyers who are local and have physical offices in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC are staffed with well-trained professionals. If they have been in the business for over 15 years, house buyers know what they are doing and have the right means of helping you when you are in need.

What are they capable of?

•  The process involved when you are selling to a home buying company is simple, easy, fast, and quick.

•  Since they are the actual buyers with no middlemen involved, it’s a hassle-free method of selling.

•  The usual commissions that you pay to a Realtor can be avoided here as house buying companies don’t charge any.

•  There are no financial contingencies involved and the price offered is competitive.

•  This entire process can take as little as 7 days.

•  They offer all cash for the house.

•  Lastly, you can sell your house in “As Is” condition. This means, you don’t have to repair, paint, stage your house, install new appliances, renovate your house, or even do any maintenance.

Sounds interesting and something up your alley – here’s more

Now that we have established why you should use house buyers, let’s look at some explanations of four reasons you should sell your house As-Is.

What is selling your house “As Is”? – It means exactly what you think. Basically you don’t have to repair, clean or do any maintenance; you sell in the condition it is in.

What are the Advantages?

a)  When you sell your house “As Is” to the we buy ugly houses in Jacksonville companies, you don’t have to think about spending extra money on repairs or renovations. Sometimes, there are few things which have been left unattended to while you lived in the house like a paint job or the attic smells musty and old or the backyard is dry or the general upkeep of the house is on the bad side. Maybe due to old age or sickness etc., you were not able to cater to these needs but whatever it is, you will be saving thousands of dollars when you sell your house “As Is” by saving on repairs. Selling your house through the traditional methods involves cost of staging, repairs, maintenance, plus the cost of commissions to the “Realtor” This will eat into your profit. With house buyers, these things can be avoided and you receive immediate cash.

b)  If you are looking to sell your house quickly and fast then, you should think of selling your house “As Is.” If you put your house up on the market, then you could end up waiting for months moreover, you will have to spend that extra money on Realtors, repairs and renovations when you can actually save all that money. When you are looking to sell quickly and fast, it means you need cash as soon as possible and don’t have the luxury of time. This is where home buyers come in; they pay you all cash, buy your house fast in as little as 7 days and even in the “As Is” condition.

c)  Location can be a serious dead kill. You recently inherited a house from a loved one and the location of the inherited home does not work for you. With your already busy and tight schedule, you find it difficult to make time to travel up to the house and when you do it’s time-consuming which you could be spending with your family instead. So after much thought, the best decision is to sell the inherited home. In a way, this was the easy way out because all you do is call house buyers – no repairs, no maintenance, no commission or fee and no Realtor. Sit back; continue with your schedule while your inherited home is getting sold in a week.

d)  Lastly, when life suddenly takes an unexpected turn and are facing some bad times, you need to sell your house and get immediate cash and all in a short span. If you don’t have time and need cash for houses in Jacksonville, then the best way out of it is to get house buyers who buy your house fast “As Is” for cash. This means you can get it all, within a week!

I think you have now got a grip of the four reasons you should sell your house As-Is, and you know what needs to be done when the situation presents itself!

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