Four Benefits of Selling a House by Owner

Many a time, it isn’t evident, but it is the truth. There is so much more to selling a home than that meets the eye. The processes, the follow-up, the house staging, prepping, the talks, the negotiations and yes, the steps leading up to final closing. And it is something that needs single-minded focus, dedication, time, energy and of course money too. And at the end of it, just when you think you can sit down and heave a sigh of relief, you will have to complete not just the formalities of the closing of the house, but also pay the mandatory 3-6% to the traditional realtor.

What this essentially translates to is the fact that top dollars that you earned out of the sale, will just go to the realtor, almost just like that! Poof! That is what you may be feeling. In the wink of an eye it disappears. And yes, there may be a deluge of thoughts dogging you, and you are justifying to yourself, was the commission paid justifiable?

All of these thoughts are perfectly understandable and natural too. On the contrary, if you didn’t have these thoughts, then that would have seemed rather strange, maybe.

And so, as the saga goes on, now, you are in the real estate market and want to sell your house. And you are pondering which way to go and that is when you realize and hear about this method that you can sell your house by owner. You instantly take to it and you feel that you want to be instrumental in selling your house yourself. And as you delve more into the subject, you also learn about the benefits of selling a house by owner in California and the rest of the United States.

And so, the four benefits of selling a house by owner would include:

In many ways more than one, there are huge benefits to realize when selling a house by owner. The savings realized is a whole different thing.

And for this to materialize or for you to take this route, there’s a house buying service who offers this methodology which is in many ways comparable to a traditional house selling process. This house buying service lets you be at the helm of affairs and in the background, helps get many things running and also pitches in and helps manage the show too. And at the end of it all, these realtors only charge you a 1 percent commission in return.

So, what are the services that the realtors offer in association with selling a house by owner? And the benefits realized when selling a house by owner?

  1. You get to post your home by way of the MLS or multiple listing services and your property is visible to scores of prospective buyers who visit the many real estate sites looking for properties. And your property is not listed just on one website, but a couple real estate portals, your property listing will be featured in.
  1. The way you want the property marketed, the photographs to feature and other aspects are decided by you the house owner.
  1. The real estate agent will be helping you, but the final pricing, and how the negotiations has to go will be determined by you.
  1. All and any scheduling will be managed by you and not the listing agents. This is a very important pointer to remember.

This seems too good, isn’t it? You are manning the show, you are at the helm, yet you have experienced hands just waiting to help you, guide you, and even complete the sales processes on your behalf. And their charges don’t burn a hole in the pocket. They just want a one percent commission for all of this.

How would you translate these benefits of selling a house by owner?

  • You could take the proceeds from the sales and clear any outstanding loans or mortgage you have accrued.
  • You can use it as down payment for your new house.
  • Or wisely invest it for a rainy day.

So, what are you waiting for even?

The realtors or the house buying service will be with you right from uploading the property listing and offering any advice or will review any contracts and offer any counseling you may seek in the matter. And the real estate agent will also be with till closing and will also take care of it on your behalf.

The weight and stress is just lifted off your shoulders and you get to selling a house by owner and find buyers fast too.

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