Cut Out the Middleman & Opt for Cash for House Sale

Who is the middleman, you may ask? Well, here it would be the ‘real estate agent’ or “Realtors” who function as middlemen, brokering a deal between the seller and buyer and taking commissions, if the sale successfully goes through.

What entails as part of the process that the middleman or Realtor follows includes:

You know you are putting your house on the market and selling your house. For this, you visit a recommended, known ‘real estate agent’ from around where you live in Virginia and understand the steps involved in selling a house via “Realtors” and then you know what you need to do before, during and after putting the house on the market.

Some of these steps would be:

1. You have to clean, prep, revamp, repair, declutter and give your existing house a makeover so that it appeals to the prospective buyer.

2. You enter into an agreement with the ‘real estate agent’ to help list and sell the house and pay the mandatory 6% commissions at closing.

3. The “Realtor” will fix the price of your house based on where it is located in Virginia or Maryland, the neighborhood, how the present real estate market is, the age of the house, its size and will also take into consideration the condition of the house.

4. After which, the house is listed and adverts are posted on your house, online, offline, and also in print media.

5. Schedule open house days, so that prospective buyers can visit the house.

6. The middleman will engage with the buyers and share relevant information about the property and pricing.

7. Once you have entrusted the middleman to help sell your house, then you need to wait it out, it could take up to 6-12 months or even more and more so, it is the middleman’s responsibility to help sell your house.

So, you have understood how the middleman functions, and since the situation warrants otherwise, you know this will not work for you and instead, you seek to cut out the middleman and opt for cash for house sale with the help of reliable express house buying companies.

And how can you get cash for house from homebuyers?

 Having decided to cut out the middleman, when you go the express house buying company route, the best hassle-free option given is that you sell houses “As Is” in the condition it is in and no questions asked. This literally translates to no cleaning, prepping, repairing or staging your house. Instead, you sell house fast “As Is” whether pretty or ugly and the sale process is completed in as little as 7 days and you get cash for house sale.

 The advantage of cutting out the middleman is that there is no commission or fees payable at all.

An offer is made almost instantaneously either in person or on the phone, and once accepted, the hassle-free process begins with the simple paperwork and you can assuredly sell your house fast in as little as 7 days and you get cash for house sale and this is something homebuyers will do for you.

If you are facing some situations, good or bad, as in, you have to relocate on account of a job transfer, promotion, or ill health is dogging you, old age, or you have just inherited a home, job loss, foreclosure, marriage, separation, or some unexpected issues suddenly present themselves, then a middleman will not work, because you need things done and over with fast. And time, energy, and money is not what you have on your side in any of these situations. Your best option is a dependable homebuyer from around your neighborhood in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC. When you sell house fast to them, you get cash for house.

Now you know that you can cut out the middleman and opt for cash for house sale from the house buyers. It is doable and feasible, considering the way it is carried out and in as little as 7 days. This is something you cannot get when you go via the middleman or the ‘real estate agent’ to help sell your house. They may sell your house, but it will not be fast at all. And, the time, energy, efforts and money is saved a great deal when you cut out the middleman. And most of all, it is hassle-free and stress-free too!

So, should you cut out the middleman and opt for cash for house sale? Yes, definitely!

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