Advantages of Selling a Home “As Is”

Do you have an additional house property you no longer need or do you have to move out of the city or to a different state for personal or professional reasons? You may plan to sell your house quickly and move on. Homeowners in such situations do not have the time to work with traditional real estate agents, as they require repairs and renovations to list your house and lure in prospects.

Traditional real estate companies are intermediaries who list your house on their website, so they can help you find an individual buyer who is looking for immediate occupation. As individual buyers look for ready to occupy homes, you will have to fix the leaking roof, clean the stains on the walls, and de-clutter before you begin the sale process with traditional Realtor.

As such, you may not have enough time, money, patience, and the willingness to spend further on a house that you intend to sell. Especially, if the house is an inherited property, and its maintenance has been long due, it may cost you a lot of time and money. Requirement of repairs and renovation can dampen your spirit to make you rethink of contacting a traditional real estate firm. You start to wish for a quicker alternative.

Professional house buyers can understand the pain factor of homeowners looking to sell their homes! As such, they come forward with ‘sell your house As Is’ offer! These are professional real estate investors with huge cash reserves at their disposal and running a commercially viable and profitable business, creating a win-win situation for all the parties involved in home buying. House buyers make it possible for homeowners to sell home As Is. Here are few advantages of selling home “As Is”:

•  Save time and Money: Working with house buyers, you do not have to wait for months to close the sale, and spend further on repairing and renovating, which you only intend to sell. Selling home “As Is”, is fast and easy as they can close the sale in as little as 7 days, so you can move on with your life, move to another city or enjoy your new job, or spend time with your growing family, etc.

•  No Pain of staging the house: With traditional real estate agents, every time a prospect pays a visit to inspect the house, you need to clean the house and stage it so it looks attractive enough for the prospect to make an offer. However, with direct house buyers who are ready to buy your house in any condition, you do not have to do any cleaning or repairing when they visit your place for a quick inspection.

•  Competitive Offer: You will get a competitive offer, when you sell your house “As Is” to house buyers. They evaluate the probable cost of repairs your house needs, and based on that they will make a competitive offer. They are professional real estate investors and have connections to a wide network of home repairing and renovation experts which offer huge discounts of up to 50% on retail costs of repairs. Well, homeowners receive the benefits of such discounts as they get a competitive offer from house buyers.

•  Cash for House: House buyers provide a competitive offer on the house within minutes over the phone or after a quick inspection. After the property is transferred, they will give you cash in hand without any hidden fees or financial contingencies. With cash paid in full, you need not worry about the payment credits appearing in your account, relieves you of mental stress, and saves your precious time.

•  Sell house fast: House buyer makes a competitive offer once they are satisfied with the condition of the house and the documents are in place. They may make an offer, even within 10 minutes over the phone to speed up the process. The homeowners can sell their house fast and move on to their next phase of life.

This why the house buyers are your best option to sell home As Is and for all-cash. They are professional real investors with huge cash reserves and connections to a wide network of home repair and renovation experts. Make sure you work with the right house buyer who can afford to give cash for house offer. Ideally, work with a house buyer who works out a professional office environment, has more than 10 years of experience, and has successfully bought more than 1000 houses, as they have experienced team to settle quickly.

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